Converting ova images to qcow2

The ova format is an open format for virtual machines. In this small guide I will explain how you can convert it to qcow2 format and run it in KVM.

In my example I am using LogPoint which is a SIEM product that you can download a trial of here

The file you download will be called logpoint.ova. Once you have it you can check out the file format using the file command:

You can also have a look at the contents of the tar archive

The next step is to extract the files. Just run

Time for some conversion!

The next step is to logon with ssh to your KVM server and start virt-manager and import the image.

In virt-manager choose new and then import existing image. If you get a black screen on the console try to change the video to QXL and restart it. As LogPoint is based on Ubuntu you can change that while in the guide.

Good luck!

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